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“As I got older my load size, # of times I could perform in a day, and intesity of my orgasms was on the decline, this was concerning as I am not very old so I could only imagine how it would get in my 50's or older. Now I am better then I was even in my teens. Thanks to XLoads I can always count on having Huge loads and explosive orgasms for ever.” Calvin H. (Connecticutt)

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“Orgasms are more intense I think its due to increased semen production and stronger ejaculations. More over I am able to have multiple orgasms in one sexual encounter, a benefit owed to the increased testicular function I imagine. I have noticed huge increase in semen production and stronger squirts of cum. Its like my dick is a firehose now. I can really go the distance now, before I wasn't able to satisfy my wife completly, I would always finish before her but now that I can have mutliple orgasm's in one sex session I can really MAKE HER SCREAM - John A. (Connecticutt)
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“My girlfriend told me the other day that I Shoot Loads Like A Horse now with the amount of cum I produce after starting Xloads Ultra. The gains and improvment have been massive. This is not a result of saving up my loads for a few days, I can cum like this every day! Huge improvement in my sex life, my girlfriend loves it, she feels really sexy because of how my orgasm's with her are. I think she really enjoys how much pleasure she gives me when we have sex. Never before have I had orgasm's like this before. Not even when I was really young was it like this. It feels like a
Rush of explosions now when I cum!
- Frank C. (Ohio)