1. What is XLoads?

    XLoads Ultra is a 100% safe and natural formula that is guaranteed to turbo charge your orgasms. You will have dramatically increase ejaculate volume, more intense orgasmic contractions, improved semen quality, more satisfying orgasms, faster recover time for multiple orgasms, increased libido, and overal enhacened sexual bliss & vitality. It is truly the worlds first orgasmic turbo charger.

  2. How does XLoads Work?

    XLoads Ultra formula was recently developed by scientists in Japan where it is highly regarded for increasing semen volume, increasing orgasm intensity and pleasure, as well as allowing repeat orgasms in a small time frame. XLoads Ultra contains the all natural proprietary botanical seed extract Semilex TM designed to vastly improve testicular function which is the key to a heightened sexual experience and increased semen production. In addition to acting on the testes XLoads Ultra contains an additional properiterary blend of all natural ingredients designed to turbo charge the prostate and its role in the male orgasm.

  3. I see that XLoads uses Pharemaceutical Grade Ingredients. What does that mean?

    Although Xloads Ultra is an all natural product and not subject to the same regulations as the pharmecuetical industry we voluntarily choose to manufacture XLoads Ultra under the same standards that the pharmecutical industry must follow for their manufacturing. Of course it adds substantial costs to production but we believe the difference it makes in the potency, purity, and effectiveness of our product is well worth it and sets XLoads Ultra far apart from the comnpetition. Just give it a try and you will see the results speak for themeselves. Xloads Ultra is truly the most effective orgasm booster product in history.

  4. Are there any negative side effects?

    No negative side effects have ever been reported. However if you are taking MAO Inhibiters please do not take the product, people taking high blood pressure medication should consult with their doctor to make sure they are healthy enough for sexual activity.

  5. What can XLoads do for my confidence?

    With Xloads Ultra you can know that you will be able to perform repeatedly in a single session, shoot vastly bigger loads, and have the sex drive of a teenager. Women will definetly take notice of this. It is a well known fact in the sexual sciences that women enjoy when their partner has stronger orgasm's and shoots a bigger load, she will view you as more virile and consiously and subconciously be attracted to this. This is hard wired into womens brains from the eveloutionary cave man days when a man's virility and fertility where directly connected to the ability for a womens offspring to propogate their genetic lineage and was a bid deal when it came to matiing, this subconsious attraction to a virile man still persists in today's modern world. This enhanced sexual performance and the knowledge of its effect on women will boost your confidence to new heights.

  6. Does XLoads work for everyone? Is it for me?

    Xloads is for any man looking to increase the strength of his orgasms and/or increase his ejaculate volume and libido.

    With continued use the product will yeild results for 99% of users.

  7. How much more ejaculate can I really get? How much stronger orgasm's can I really expect?

    With continued use when the maximum results have been reached some user's have reported up to 500% more ejaculate and up to 200% stronger orgasms, individual results will vary but 99% of men will notice substantial results after using the product long enough.

  8. How do I take XLoads?

    Simply take one capsule every day at the same time. Take regularly as the product must build up in your system for maximum effectiveness.

  9. What if I miss a day or two?

    A few days won't make a huge difference but longer then this and the effects will start to diminish. For maximum results it is advised you take the product consistently.

  10. How long will it take before I see results?

    Within just a few short days on XLoads Ultra, you will start to notice a difference. Significant results can be seen after a month and to reach maximum effects usually takes 12 weeks.